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About project

You bought a salvage car from an insurance company in the USA, Canada, or Korea. A high-quality car repair was made and restored to its factory condition by using original spare parts. Then, you did some expensive dry cleaning of the car’s interior and body polishing. Now your car looks as good as new but old car photos with damage can be found online if you check the car’s VIN number. We value your privacy and will help you remove your vehicle history from such websites as Bidfax, Autoastat, AutoAuctions, AutoAuctionHistory, BadVin, AmericaMotors, BidHistory, AutoConsultant, etc.

How we are working

You leave a request with a phone number and vin.

The manager contacts you and provides full information on the scope of work, terms, cost of services.

After full payment, the removal process is launched.

At the end of the work, you receive a report and a new life for your car.

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